Suomen Ammattitaitomaajoukkue - WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

In Brief

Finland’s national vocational skills team will compete for medals in a variety of skills at the WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi from 14–19 October, 2017. Team Finland is made up of 27 competitors, who will compete in 24 skills. Finland’s representatives are selected through open trial competitions. As well as the competitors, Team Finland also has experts as judges. Like the competitors, they come from various educational institutions around Finland. Altogether 24 training providers are participating.

Finland has taken part in WorldSkills, which is organised every other year, since 1989, and, with the exception of the first competition, has brought one or more medals home every time. That demonstrates the high level of Finnish vocational education and training as well as the strong motivation our young people have to prepare for the competitions.

The competition lasts four days. In some of the skills the focus is on one major piece of work for the whole of the competition, whereas others are made up of many small tasks. Traditionally for example hairdressers carry out many challenges such as colouring and cutting hair. In the restaurant service and health and social care skills, competitors each take turns to carry out a task at a time in the competition area, and the cabinet makers have a fixed work station where they work on the same piece of furniture during four full working days. The public are able to watch the progress of the tasks close-up, which makes the event interesting for visitors and exciting for the competitors.

The age limit for the competition varies with the skill. In most of the skills the participants are no older than 22. Some of the team members are studying and some have already been working for some time.

The team’s schedule

The Finnish team will spend time at the national team’s camp where they will bond and also be given help on improving their mental and physical condition. Each competitor also trains in his or her vocational skills and practices the competition tasks with their own trainer as well as with an expert in their skill.

AUTUMN 2016–JANUARY: Trial competitions
FEBRUARY: The members of the team are published
FEBRUARY–OCTOBER The competitors train with a judge and trainers
MARCH–SEPTEMBER: The competitors and judges bond as a team and train at the national team camp:
7 February Training of new judges
16 March Training of new judges
6 April National team camp and judge training
8 –9 June National team camp and judge training
31 August National team camp
22 September Celebratory send-off party in the House of the Estates and final preparatory camp

WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 14–19 October, 2017
Opening ceremony 14 October
Competition days 15–18 October
Closing ceremony/presentation of medals 19 October It will be determined at the event who from the Finnish team will receive medals.

NOVEMBER: Awards ceremony in the House of the Estates and feedback camp 17 November


Finland took part in the WorldSkills competition for the first time in 1989 in Birmingham, and since then has participated in all the WorldSkills competitions. In 2005, Skills Finland organised the competition in Helsinki.

Skills Finland also sends a team to the European vocational skills competition EuroSkills, which is organised on alternate years to the WorldSkills competition. Finland has participated in the EuroSkills since 2008, in other words starting from the very first competition.

Further information

Follow the team’s progress in the WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 competition:

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